Each and every twinkly object in this picture is a galaxy consisting of millions of stars.


Immersive Science Experience

for the whole family

Every Saturday

7.00 PM to 8.30 PM

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Are you ready for the Tour of your Life!

Rocket through space and sail among billions of stars and galaxies.


Utilizing some breathtaking visuals, Space Science Learning Club founder and Learning Coach - Vinod Kumar will guide your children through the mind-boggling scale of the universe.


Along the way, they’ll stop at the Moon and individual planets. Then they will make the jump to light speed and head to interstellar space and see all the galaxies in the universe.

Don’t worry, he’ll have you all back home in time for dinner!



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Live Simulation



Question & Answer



Ever wondered

  • What is up there in the skies?

  • How our sun will look up close?

  • Why planets revolve around our sun?

  • How many stars are there in our galaxy?

  • Are there many more solar systems like ours?

  • or How big is our universe?


Find not just answers but also relevance to SPACE

Frequently asked questions

What is the age group for participants?

This experience is curated for all age group participants. If you are looking to involve your children, kids from 7 and above will love the experience.

How do i enroll for this tour?

Once you click on the book now button, you will be redirected to a payment page. You will recieve a confirmation email immediately. 12 hours before the event begins, we will send you an email with a youtube link to access the live simulation on the event day. This is a live simulation, so log in at that appropriate time.

Is this pre-recorded video?

No. This is a live simulation of our Universe and a highly interactive session.

Where will we be watching this tour?

We will send you a private Youtube/ Zoom/ Webinar Live link to join the tour. You will receive this as an email to you 12 hours before the event. The link is a private link, so only you will be able to watch it. We recommend you not to share the link to anyone.

What is Live Simulation?

Using a high, graphically inclined simulation tool, we will literally visit all the places in our universe. This is not a power point presentation showing you about different celestial objects in the universe! We guarantee you that this will be a very unique experience

Can we watch the video later?

No. Since this is a Live Interactive Simulation, you will not be able to view it later than the time.

What will be the medium of instruction in the simulation?


Have you been on a VIRTUAL SPACE RIDE


In this VIRTUAL SPACE RIDE, you will onboard a spacecraft (not made by humans!) and travel from Earth to all the celestial objects in our Solar System. 

Jump to Light Speed NOW!

We will visit the outer realms of our Solar System and travel further to other Stars in our Galaxy.

We can see other solar systems in the Milky Way Galaxy and see how the systems are similar or different from our own!

Then we will visit our nearby Galaxies and travel further to different nebulas (this is where stars are born)

Finally, we will visit the outer realms of the universe and see how big/ small we are in our universe!