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Phenomenal program. My kid was lauding about the different mysteries of our universe for a whole week. Highly recommended - Vikas Mehra, parent of Sujit Mehra, Grade 6. 

Let your child unveil many secrets of our vast and fascinating universe in just 5 days of their  summer vacation

For Space Explorers aged 8 - 14 years who want to benefit from STEAM education to foster 21st-century life skills like Higher Order Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration.

Next Batch on May 1st, 2023 from 2.00 to 3.00 PM

Mysteries of our Universe

5 days of live classes with the founder of SteadFast Learning Pedagogy to find the answers to your child’s questions about our Universe

Live Class + Every Day Assessments + Fun Assignments + Finale Kahoot Game

Original price Rs. 1999. Get Rs. 1200/- off. Exclusive for Space Science Learning Club customers only. Offer Valid for 100 participants only.

Only 14 Spots left. Special Limited Period Offer

Special Early Bird Discount

5 Days Live Session

Learning Coach

Vinod Kumar

(worth Rs. 999)

FREE Lifetime Access to Self Paced Learning Materials

(worth Rs. 1099)

FREE Access to Mysteries of our Universe - Ebook

(worth Rs. 599)

FREE Access to Mysteries of our Universe - Audiobook

(worth Rs. 499)

Daily Learning Assessments through Kahoot

(worth Rs. 299)

Daily SteadFast Based Assignments

(worth Rs. 499)

Total Value = Rs. 4000

Special Offer = Rs. 1999

Get extra Rs. 1200/- off Special Offer. Exclusive for Space Science Learning Club customers only. Offer Valid for 100 participants only.

Save 75% now. Massive Rs. 3200 savings exclusive for you!

The cost will be reset to Rs. 1999 on reaching 100 participants.


Gift the best of summer learning for your child at just the cost of a new shirt!!!

Only 14 Spots left. Special Limited Period Offer

Kids are naturally inquisitive, especially about things they do not completely understand, like our Universe.


They feel shy to ask these questions in school, get ignored, and may even get incorrect information.


This summer camp is curated to answer deep and pressing questions about our Universe through fun and interactive sessions.

If your child has asked you questions about space, we have all the answers.


Batch Timings

New Batch starts every Month

Next Batch on May 1 - 5, 2023 from 2.00 to 3.00 PM

You can choose a different batch after making the payment

Only 14 Spots left. Special Limited Period Offer


Special Limited Time Offer until Apr 25th only. Price hikes to Rs. 1999 on Apr 30th. Hurry & Register Now

Mysteries of our Universe Camp is a S.T.E.A.M Camp


STEAM is an application-based education system, promoting creativity and curiosity at the core. It not only keeps learning fun but also provides more career options to your child.

At Space Science Learning Club, we help develop skills that are necessary for the future. Our mission is to enhance how students learn and apply it by project-based learning.

These are some of the essential 21st-century skills that your child will improve while being a part of this program



The process of thinking ‘what can be’, and creating something that was never imagined.

Higher Order Thinking


HOTS is a concept of education where learning does not stop at memorising.



 Make your child think about bigger problems our species will face in the near future and will inspire them to find solutions for it.

Critical Thinking


Questioning and analyzing new ideas to find out their suitability.

Cognitive Development


Learning can be fun and easy if we understand it through our thoughts, experiences and feelings.

Only 14 Spots left. Special Limited Period Offer

Space Science Learning Club was founded to inspire kids towards STEAM education through Astronomy & Space Science at its core. More than 5000+ elite groups of parents have enrolled their kids to learn from Learning Coach Vinod Kumar, founder of SteadFast pedagogy.

Astronomy, being one of the oldest natural sciences, has given us time, calendar, religions, and seasons, among many other significant phenomenons. With this summer camp, let your child’s imagination loose from the safety of your home.

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Who is this course for?


Space explorers from 8-14 yrs


Suitable for kids who are-

  • Inquisitive & have inborn explorer traits

  • Very creative and find out-of-the-box solutions

  • Always think ahead 

  • Interested in astronomy

  • Is a champion of learning

  • Want to know about the mysteries our universe holds for us!

Special Limited Time Offer. Price hikes to Rs. 1999 when 100 registrations are over. Hurry & Register Now

Only 14 Spots left. Special Limited Period Offer

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