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You don't want to spend 10's of Thousands of Rupees on your child's astronomer dream, would you?

iSKY Astro Club offers a new way for curious, creative young minds to explore astronomy and space science through STE(A)M education.


We provide monthly chapters on a variety of topics along with opportunities for kids to socialize with other like-minded peers in the field.

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and many more...

Schedule of Events in April

Topic: Super Star - SUN
Apr 3 - Astronomy Masterclass - The pros and cons of our Super Star
Apr 10 - Activities Workshop - Solar Machines
Apr 17 - Expert Interview
Apr 24 - Kahoot Session

Download the Monthly Schedule of Club Activities

  • Classes only on Sundays

  • Mix of Live Masterclass, Activity Videos, Recorded Expert Interviews, Kahoot Session & loads of SteadFast Based Assignments

  • Exciting new topics every month

What classes are part of the iSKY Astro Club

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Astronomy Masterclass

Get coached in the different nuances of astronomy & space science by Learning Coach.

90 mins online LIVE session.

Third Sunday of Every Month.

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Expert Interviews

Listen to space scientists & astronomers talking about their experiences and expertise.

60 mins pre-recorded session.

Second Sunday of Every Month.

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Astronomy Activities

Activities to get your child master the concepts of the topic of the month. ​

30 mins recorded lesson.​

First Sunday of Every Month.


Kahoot Sessions

Play a Fun Kahoot Session to revise and refresh all the learnings from the month.​

60 mins LIVE session.​

Last Sunday of Every Month.

Join us for an astronomy learning session every month, where your child will learn a new topic in Astronomy & Space Science. For kids with an interest in STEM, this is the place to be!

Feedback from Participants

Amazing topics every month

A place for future scientists.

iSKY Astro Club will provide you with a safe, fun and friendly environment where your child can explore their passion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with like-minded peers.

Special ART & Craft Workshops

Special Tutors

Special Workshops

Special Assignments

Robotics in Space Science

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Learning Outcomes

Learn about Rovers, Landers & other Robotics marvels created by Space Engineers.

Learn about the basics of robotics and its evolution in space technology.

Advancements in Robotics.

Space Robots.

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in Space Science.


Eligibility to join the Club

Next Session

July 17 - Rockets of the Future

Age: 8+ years and above

Grade Studying: Grade 3 & above

Medium of Instruction: English

Mode of Delivery: Online Zoom Classes filled with Videos & a fun-filled Kahoot Session

Session Delivered Every 3rd Sunday!

Top reasons why iSKY Astro Club is a perfect environment for your child

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  • iSKY Astro Club is a private, online community for kids to learn and connect with other like-minded peers who are interested in astronomy & space science.


  • Kids can earn badges, have one-on-one chats with their peers & other experts, and explore astronomy and space science - all from their own home.


  • Get hands-on STE(A)M learning program with SteadFast based Assignments to engage your child towards self-learning.


  • The most affordable nationwide STE(A)M education program to help your budding scientists and engineers explore STEM fields and chose them as future careers.


  • With weekly meet-ups, learning never has to end. Stay curious and be the best that you can be with continued education.

Steps to consider before enrolling

  • Click on the Pay Now button and it will take you to our course platform.

  • Log in to the Course Page with your Email address & Password.

  • You will be added to the Course automatically.

  • The timings of the classes are mentioned in the Schedule. There will be no change to the Course timings.

  • If your child misses any class, they can watch the replay of the session anytime during the duration of their membership.

  • Certificates issued can be downloaded after the end of each topic.

  • This membership is non-transferable & non-refundable under any circumstance.

Not convinced how this club can help your child? Book a 15 mins 1-on-1 Zoom Call with Learning Coach Vinod to get an assessment and roadmap for your child's STEM journey for FREE.

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