A child-centric astronomy education program that will enlighten your child about space science & astronomy.

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The Beginners Astronomy course will introduce your child to the field of space science & astronomy through an engaging and immersive learning experience.
It is ideal for kids 8+ years to participate and get inspired about our planet, our universe, and its beauties.

Next Batch on 01.07.2021

Beginners Astronomy Program comprises of


Theory Lessons

Video Stories



Watch this video on why your child should participate in this program

Does your child ask questions about space? 

Do they have an immense hunger to learn new concepts about space science and astronomy in an immersive environment?

Then, look no further - Introduce the Astronomy for Beginners Program with Learning Coach Vinod Kumar to inspire your child towards a STEM career.

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Learning Outcomes from the Program

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What your child will learn on Day 1?

1. What is astronomy?

2. How old is the science of stars?

3. How important is astronomy to you today?

4. Objects in the night sky

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What your child will learn on Day 2?

1. Guide to celestial objects 

2. Introduction to Star Gazing

3. Live Simulation of Planets you can see with your naked eyes today

4. Live Simulation Software Tutorial

DAY 1  Introduction to Astronomy (3)-min

What your child will learn on Day 3?

1. Introduction to Space Exploration

2. Tools used for Space Exploration

3. Space Organizations around the World

4. Live Simulations Software Tutorial

What skills your child will get from this program

STEM Education


Make your child aware of science & technology in daily life using astronomy & space science as a tool of study.

SteadFast Learning


From being consumers of knowledge, your kids will become creators of knowledge

Scientific Acumen

In 3 hours, gauge if your child is interested in science & technology to further enhance their interest in the subject.

Get your child excited about the universe.